b'going greenRightLarge double-glazed windows on the northern side of the house welcome in the suns warming rays.locking in the eco lookIconic design and build company Lockwood now has an exciting eco-friendly house series added to its portfolio.Ask any New Zealander for a word thats synonymous with solid timberThe three-bathroom, two-bathroom Gullwing has a roof reminiscent homes and chances are theyll say Lockwood. So it was a naturalof a soaring seabird, with the wings designed for optimal placement progression for the iconic building company to launch a new rangeof solar panels, for hot water and electricity generation. The outdoor of EcoSmart homes earlier this year to address increasing concernsrooms act as natural climate control zones that enable rooms to be about climate change, and the impact building and construction hasopened or closed off according to the weather. The Gullwing also has on the environment.extra thermal mass with concrete and tiles to capture the sun and The first prototype in the range, the Gullwing EcoSmart show house,release its warmth at night. is on display in Rotorua. It is designed by architect Dave Strachan,There are four other designs in the current EcoSmart range, including who has more than 30 years experience in the field, a portfolio of twoversionsofthefour-bedroomBreezewaydesign,andthree unique and contemporary homes and a commitment to sustainable architecture.versions of the Little Winga perfect bach design which includes two bedrooms plus a bunk room. As predicted by Lockwood Group CEO Bryce Heard, the launch of the EcoSmart home was timely, with around 700 people visiting theOf course, placing the house correctly on the site to face north is key home each week in the couple of months after it opened: There hasto the design, so any EcoSmart house sold is checked over by Dave been an incredible response, showing that there has been a latentStrachan for its suitability to the site. He has already devised a number appetite for this sort of product. People love the light airy feel of it,of scenarios that allow for different entry points and driveways and the good indoor-outdoor flow to the north and the fact that they canbecause the design is modular, it can be manipulated to suit different shut off parts of the house to retain heat.orientations, he says.78'