b'editorialResene welcomeFandangoReseneWavelengthResene Antipodeans are known for their innovation and sense of self. These qualities are Yellow Submarinetrademarks of our approach to design at this end of the world. Its that give it a go, number eight wire spirit that sees us search for a creative solution rather than settle for how things have always been done. Some of our innovators beaver away in the garden shed quietly achieving, not seeking recognitionwere a humble lot and in times gone by we would have got our heads chopped off anyway if we stuck them up too high.Today, its a bit different. Weve always cheered on our winning sports teams and now we just love it when our creative endeavours and commercial clevernesses are highlighted. Were getting used to not going with the status quo and trying something a little differenteven if thats just painting our living room purple for a season. This issue celebrates some of the clever, innovative and just plain wacky ideas we can try in our own homes.Sharon Newey editorBeing a little out of the ordinaryis something we celebrate at Resene and is a big part of how we came about. Ted Nightingale, back in his builder days in 1946, was having trouble finding a finish to go over the concrete buildings he was making. Rather than admit defeat, he tinkered around in his garage and created a cement-based paint. Other builders seeing the new product were keen to have it for their projects and Teds tinkering to solve his own problem, soon solved the same problem for many other, and was the start of the Resene story.In the years to follow, many other Resene products joined the range, each solving another new problem that had popped up along the way. Teds daring to be different is still a part of Resene today.As humans we are all so different in personality, yet we all face common challenges, so much so that one persons clever little idea, can be just the nifty solution that many others need. And with continued clever ideas, we all have better access to better technology, options and more and more choice.But with all this choice, one thing is clearthe best choices we make are the ones that suit our lifestyle, our personality and the way we want to live, so next time you are tempted to break out from neutral walls, take the plunge. After all, you only live once and you can always paint over it!| \x18'