b'three looksReseneReseneResene Alabaster Zomp Blackjackgo on!Bored with beige? Try something a little more adventurous in your home. Three interior designers lead the way.Mid-century inspiratonAlasdair Hood of Jasmax is a fan of mid-century design, particularly the furniture of the period made from rich grainy timbers such as Teak and Walnut. It was a natural extension, therefore, to choose a graphic colour scheme reminiscent of that time, as well as a limited edition hand-painted Alexander Girard doll (originally designed for himself in the 1960s), relaunched by Vitra in 2006 and available from Cite.The black, white and pale teal scheme is a nod to mid-century design but also holds its ground today. Resene Zomp sort of reminds me of the Air New Zealand livery of the 1970s and its the type of colour that looks great against rich reddish timbers like Teak and Walnut.I dont like painted feature walls and feel that if you are going to do something, then do it properly. Which is why he would paint all the walls of a room in Resene Zomp, with architraves and trims in high-gloss Resene Blackjack. Any recesses or alcoves, and the ceiling, would be painted in Resene Alabaster to give the space quite a sculptural effect. He would finish the look with timber or even better, cork floors. You would need to have quite a large space for this scheme to work, he says. Its also not a scheme that would work in a villa, he feels, but would be perfect for a mid-century or ex-state house, forexample, or a more contemporary space. 42'