b'Stevenson Ezi Wallwww.stevenson.co.nz0800 BLOCKS olive pot Phoenix Italia www.phoenixitalia.co.nzHollywood Juniper Kaizuka Carpet rose Mauve geranium ReseneBreathlessResene NoosaResene WickedStevenson Veneto paversin colour Grigiowww.stevenson.co.nz 0800 BLOCKS Resene LifesaverCreating a walled garden provides protection from strong winds and gives a more comfortable,intimatespace.Paintedinprettylavenderandinsetwithpurple backlit glass blocks the Stevensons block wall has a wooden door set into it to add a sense of mystery, while maintaining good flow around the property. The large area is sloped so can be split in two with Stevenson Ezi Wall, and paved in Veneto pavers, colour Grigio. The strong lines of the garden are off-set by informal planting including rambling pink carpet roses, thyme groundcover and low kaffir lime hedges. Tania BarkePredominant colours in the garden are pink, purple, silver and greens. The lines of the French doors are repeated in the circular columns supporting one side of the of Through the Garden Gate pergola, tying both sides of the garden together.Landscape Design, suggests this Mediterranean-inspired solution:mobile 027 287 8592email tandl@xtra.co.nz 103'