b'ReseneBarely ThereReseneCut GlassReseneMuseReseneTrailblazerwhen is paint not paint?Just when you thought paint was just for well, painting, weve come across some innovative uses for it and the vessels it comes in.As children were told its bad behaviour to scribble on walls withWhen JTB Architects were redesigning the meeting room recently, pens. Just when weve learnt to control those creative flourishes, aResenerepresentativePhilThompsonsuggestedpaintingallfour product comes along to satisfy the passion of the wild child in uswalls with Resene Aquapoxy in Resene Black White. The product all. If youre at a presentation at JTB Architects in Nelson, dont beeffectively turns the walls into a large whiteboard surface, which surprised when, instead of taking a small piece of paper to politelycan be drawn on with ordinary whiteboard marker pens. Marks can explain a point, someone will grab a pen and spontaneously startsimply be removed with Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner. scrawling all over the meeting room walls. If youve got a creative use for Resene paints or packaging wed If youre feeling inspired, its much easier to explain things by drawinglove to hear from you. Email to update@resene.co.nz or post to Resene Paints Ltd, PO Box 38242, Wellington Mail Centre, NZ.large plans on the walls, says Phil Sewell (pictured above). You can lay them out really big and clearly. Crackle effectA combination of Resene paints can be used effectively to create an interesting aged, crackle effect on timber. At the Old Church in a vineyard in Taradale, Hawkes Bay (right), posts which had once been varnished were stripped then finished in Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat. They were then painted in Resene Lumbersider tinted to Fossil, followed by Resene Crackle Effect. A final coat of Resene Enamacryl Metallic tinted to Resene Spark was applied. TheReseneCrackleEffectcreatesanagedappearancewiththincracksrunning haphazardly across the surface. The web of cracks let the Resene Fossil tone show through and the metallic coat adds a shimmering two-tone effect.48'