b'Architect: Dave StrachanShoji screens and storage pod: European Beech ReseneNapaHeated towel rails: SkopeReseneTontoBath: Kaldewai Asforthematerialspalette,Davekeptitsimple,givingthespaceaclean, Basin and toilet pan: contemporary aesthetic with a Japanese edge. In keeping with the original turn- Vitraof-the-century house, polished Kauri floors are continued into the ensuite. They provide a seamless look, merging the bathroom and bedroom as one. When the door is open, the bath seems to sit luxuriously in a corner of the room. ReseneTo complement the Kauri, European beech was used in the shoji frames and in theSisalstorage pod recessed behind the wall-hung basin. Not only is it a material thatsGet the look with Resene compatible, stylistically, with the original but its quite stable which was importantSpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom to give strength to the gridded sliding door.tinted to Resene White Linen.As theres not much depth to the room, a mirror slides both left and right across shelves above the basin, revealing the European Beech behind.ReseneThe square lines of the Kaldewai bath and the glass shower are framed in largeSoulformat white tiles and all the other fittingsthe Vitra basin and toilet panare white. The rest of the room is painted soft white in Resene White Linen, which matches the rest of the bedroom. A pair of Skope heated towel rails against a white tiled wall create an interesting sculptural effect. If you dont like the bath on show, you Resenecan screen it off when it isnt in use. Triple White PointerReseneBuffaloHomeowner Merv says: Some people might think its a bit strange having the bath in the bedroom, but for us it worked out really well. It was Nancys idea to have the bath in the first place and it proved to be fantastic. Anyway, if you dont like the bath on show, you can screen it off when it isnt in use. Nobody would know it was there.And a good ducting fan means steam is never an issue.Did you know?Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom combines anti-bacterial silver protection and MoulDefender mould inhibitor, perfect for minimising unwanted nasties in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.92'