b'colours and patterns will adorn each panel.ofspottingthenameofthecolourI Almost every stool has a different patternneed. only to find I had at some stage on each of its five panels; some versionsaddedaweebitofsomethingelseto are bursting with contrasting colours andtweak the shade slightly!patterns, while others are texturally busyLife is busy, and finding time and space to but have the same colourway all over, sowork on the stools can be tricky. As well appear more sedate!asapreschoolerandachildatprimary Thepanelsofeachstoolarevisuallyschool, Marcia has a part-time job; and her grounded thanks to a base coat of onestudio is a combination of the garage, solid colour; her characteristic rich patternsthe kitchen table and the outside table. are created by painting through stencilsButheruniqueblendofflexibilityand she cuts from cardboard.focus makes it all possible.Detailed plan notwithstanding, the designImarealnowkindofpersonifI will often change once she starts work andsuddenly get an idea, I just cant help myself, sees how its coming together. I just have to execute it ASAP. If it works it Imightdecidetousetwoorthreeworks, if it doesnt it doesnt!! Then I wait differentpatternsononepanelinsteadfor the next wave of experimentation to ofjustone,ormaybewhackinsomewash over me.upholstery nails to jazz a stool up. Marcias colourful stools are sold through Whilemanyofherstoolsareone-offs,retailers nationwide: Eon Design Centre, Marcia has also worked with some of herAuckland;KingandTeppett,Hamilton; stockists to create a particular colourwayStapleFurniture,Gisborne;Madder and pattern exclusively for that store, and&Rouge,Wellington;Redcurrent, she repeats those as orders come in. Christchurch; In The Pink, Queenstown. She says she loves all colours (but I dont really do yellow!) and being able to work with testpots of Resene paint means that she can have dozens of options on hand at any one time.Iespeciallylovetealsandtaupesand chocolates.Theyreawesomecolours becausetheyrerichandinterestinginSPLASHBACKSthemselves, but they still work beautifullyWith a professionally developed with other colours. colour-range and an internationally Its not unusual for Marcia to go through AboveWhile many of her stools are one- tested and proven product, 25 or more testpots in a couple of days, offs, Marcia works with some stockists to make sure you talk to experts create a particular colourway and patternin decorative glass and glazing. soshesaregularvisitortoherlocal exclusively for that store.Resene ColorShop. She happily admits that the colours she has at home are in no order whatsoever. This meanstheexcitementofrediscoveringwords Alice Leonardlong-forgotten colours, and the irritationpictures Mark Heaslip AucklandBay of PlentyWellingtonNelsonChristchurchDunedinSouthlandFreephone 0800 660001 www.graphicglass.co.nz'