b'my favourite coloursbold is beautifulTV show host Sian Jaquet is no shrinking violet when it comes to colour. Sian Jaquet is the host of TV3s recently screened new show, The BigI see paint as the quickest and easiest way to change my home and Stuff, sponsored by Resene. She is a professional life designer withlet my kids know its okay to be an individual in your space.a wealth of experience gathered from across the world, and duringIs there a colour you would never use in yourmany years in her various rolesfrom working in the media andown home?public speaking, to teaching, residential social work, and coaching. Never, say never. but yellow wouldnt necessarily jump to mindTell us about the show.as a colour Id use!The Big Stuff is about working with people to change their lives, byWhat do you love or hate about the recent (but changing their home environment. In each episode we have five dayswaning) trend for neutral colours, white-on-white?to help them realise the vision of how they want to live as a family. II usually think of it as being quite sophisticated when I see it in other work very closely with them for the entire five daysfirst identifyingpeoples houses, but when I think of it for how they want to live the vision, then creating a strategy to supportour home, its a bit cold. However, the them in making the changes, the foundations. neutraltaupe-stylecoloursjustwork Every family was truly amazed after taking this journey. Seeing whatvirtuallyanywhereandifyoudont they could achieve by prioritising themselves and their home. haveconfidencewithcolour,one What is your favourite colour and why? feature wall of Resene Triple Perfect Magenta. It just makes me smile and it says DRAMA! My youngestTaupe can work wonders. sister wears it a lot and it reminds me of her. I remember someoneWhat are your three telling me its a colour all about passion and love! favourite colours fromWhat is your favourite decorating colour Resenes new The or combination of colours and why? Range 2009?I love blue/green colours. Resene Maestro and ReseneResene Maestro, Resene Muse colours in The Range 2009 excite me and I thinkFastLaneandResene of them first if Im decorating. They are bold coloursBandit.Idontknow yet have a softening, relaxing influence in a room. whereIdputitbut its so wow!Have those choices changed during the years? If so, what influenced that?Yes, they change all the time. Weve moved houseReseneBanditeight times in the past 15 years or so. Painting aReseneroom is my idea of a great afternoon. Being braveFast Lanewith some colour can change the whole atmosphereReseneMaestroin a few hours. Ive painted bedroom walls purple for Resenemy rock chick daughter and black for my adolescent son.Muse130'