b"To reach a lifetime running cost, multiply that annual total by 10most appliances have an effective estimated lifetime of about 10 years, says EECA. This figure is like a second price tag, letting you know your ongoing overall running costs on top of the purchase price.So, your new washing machine is sitting in the laundry, proudly boasting its five stars; the same high rating as the fridge you bought eight years ago. Youre signed and sealed with your energy efficiency, right? Wrong.Advances in technology, and increasingly rigorous testing and stringent requirements, mean that the fridge so highly rated a few years ago would struggle to get any stars at all today and be allowed to market. And thats why the Governments pushing so hard to get households to remove the old beer fridge in the garage. For annual running costs, simply multiply the number in the stickers box by the electricity tariff stated on your bill. So whats ahead for the programme? In addition to the already familiar labels, EECA has launched with Land Transport New Zealand a system of vehicle fuel economy labels. This means all new cars and all cars manufactured since 2000 and imported since 2005 for sale in New Zealand must display information about the vehicle's fuel economy, where that information is available. The 2006 amendment to the Act to include stand-by power consumption in the ratings for some appliances is making a significant difference to how many stars they can carry as well. And lets not forget Energy Star, the global mark of energy efficiency. Products with this mark must be tested and shown to be in the top 25 percent for energy consumption. Energy Star lets consumers know at a glance which are the most energy-efficient products on the market in any given appliance category. And thats the idea, really!For more information on how to be more energy efficient, visit the EnergywiseTM websitewww.energywise.govt.nz.top tipTheenergyratingstickerswork extremelywellifyoureshopping for a new appliance but beware of using them to assess older appliances asadvancesintechnologymeanResenethat the fridge so highly rated a fewBathurstyears ago would struggle to get anyReseneRed Hotstars at all today. Resene LINENS & MORESpanish Whitemore inspired more colour more detailfree phone 0800 546 367www.linensandmore.co.nz"