b'colourful peopleWhat I have done is make the connection between colour and music very specific. Each colour represents a specific note.ReseneUrbaneRightArtist Michael Smither has always been fascinated by the relationship between music and art. colour and sound uniteWell-known artist Michael Smither has literally capturedthe colour of sound in a recent exhibition. In radiant Resene colours, big, bold, bullseyes pulse out from theThats not something unusual for artists, says Smither. Thoughout canvaslikesoundwaves.Thelongeryoulook,themeticulouslyhistory, there have been artists and musicians who have made these painted concentric circles turn and vibrate with a compelling energy.kind of connections. But theyve done it from an emotional response. Michael Smithers startling latest artworksThe Colour of 12 SoundsIm not doing that. Im saying theres logic to both the colour spectrumwhich exhibited at Artis Gallery in Parnell, Auckland, this year mayand the octave, and theyre related. Therefore, the whole thing can seem a radical departure from what most of us know of the artist.become very specific. One of our leading realist painters, Smither is perhaps best knownIt seemed obvious for Smither to pursue a way to notate colour and for his quirky representational approach to coastal and mountainhue that could be specifically interpreted in a musical composition. In landscapes, people and domestic objects. But during his long andthese paintings, he finally seems to have cracked the code. prolific career, he has constantly returned to the theme of relationshipsHis journey began back at Elam School of Art in the 1960s. Smither between colour and sound.designed the set for Stravinskys ballet, Rite of Spring, with abstract 82'