b'LeftMade in New Zealand, Solaire upholstered outdoor furniture is designed to withstand our harsh environment. It features 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarns that are quick-drying, breathable and resistant to mildew, with DriPore foam and treated timber frames that have a five-year warranty. Pictured is the Arc Chaise. www.solairefurniture.com orph 09 537 6541.BelowKuadro chairs by Solaire.table and matching chairs is the best option for alfresco dining, while comfortable chairs orConsider who uses sofas work great with a low coffee table for those who enjoy relaxing with a book or socialising with friends. If youll be going straight from the pool to your outdoor chairs, choose a fabricyour outdoor living that can handle chlorinated water and sunscreen. Kids and pets can be rough on homespace and how.furnishings, so go for materials and designs that will stand up to rigorous wear.EnvironmentCoastal locations are exposed to harsh conditions, including spray and salt-laden winds that will corrode metal fixings and framing. When it comes to choosing metal furniture for a beach setting, stainless steel is the best option, followed closely by galvanised steel with a paint finish. If you live on a busy urban street, your outdoor furniture will be subjected to road grime and require regular cleaning, so look for something you can easily hose or wipe down. North and west-facing outdoor areas receive a lot of sunlight, and the associated U.V. rays can break down certain materials.PracticalitiesIf youll be storing your outdoor furniture in a shed or garage during winter, remember that stackable or folding pieces take up the least space. If you want or need to regularly reposition your seating, select lightweight furniture thats easy to lift. Also, bear in mind that any damage to painted-steel framing will expose the metal to rust, which means its important to avoid bangs and scrapes.Whateveroutdoorfurnitureyousettleon,thinkbeyondtheapproachingsummer.By choosing well-constructed, hard-wearing pieces youll achieve the best value for money andAboveThe Tate Chair and Footstoolhave furniture that will last for decades. by Solaire.111'