b'N Z W1 3 2 3 7 B R E _ H a b i t a t . p d f P a g e 1 6 / 1 1 / 0 8 , 9 : 3 0 A MBREATHE IN. AND HOLD.ToomuchcarbondioxideintheatmosphereisoneoftheYourwoodenhouse,orwoodendeck,aredoingexactlythe biggest factors in global warming. So the big question is; howsamethingrightnow.StoringCO 2 andlookinggoodwhile do we get those harmful levels of CO 2out of the atmospherethey do it.and safely locked up?Help climatechange.Usemorewoodsowecanplantght Actually, the answers very simple. Use more wood. more trees, and start an ever-increasing cycle which can only do goodfor our society, our economy and our planet. Oncea tree hasbreathedin CO 2 fromthe atmosphere it will hold it, locked in its cells, unable to escape, until such time asIts a simple exercise really. As simple burning or natural disintegration releases it. And that could takeas breathe inand hold.years. Decades. Centuries even. For more information on this amazing Nanas antique chest of drawers, for example, still holds all theand in nitely versatile material visit: CO 2that its parent tree absorbed over 400 years ago. www.nzwood.co.nz'