b'Take six artists, add a dash of daring and what do you get? Thirteen designs of wallpaper from Vision that cross the border from wallcovering to art, and which will turn your walls into a personalised gallery. And with such world-renowned talents as Karim Rashid, Werner Berges and Luigi Colani, you have a choice of art styles, from the luxuriously sensual to the quirky and retro. This isa cost-effective way to get large-scale art on your walls.Some designs come with add-on metallic pieces, like teardrops, for you to place in a set pattern on a matching plain wallcovering, or for you to make up your own design. Most of the designs in the Art Borders 2011 Collection are 75cm to a metre wide, and come in 5m or 10m long rolls.Some of the Art Borders artists are:Luigi ColaniThis German designer is known as the Master of the Curve. His wallcovering designs (right top and middle) are based on the premise that all life comes from water, from drops to flowing wave formations, with glimmering effects and iridescent colors. For more than five decades Colani has been the unabashed agent provocateur of the design world. His working ideas are being rediscovered and reinterpreted world-wide, driven by a younger generation of designers who likewise believe that anatomy, technology and 3D shapes must form the basis if design is to be truly holistic and biomorphic. Richard J. AnuszkiewiczRichard, whose work has been exhibited at the Biennale in Venice and New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art, views his art as a continuous process. American born, with Polish ancestry,he is among the originators of Op Art, a style of painting concerned with visual sensation and the effect of optical illusion. His wallcoverings (right bottom) reproduce his original works.Karim RashidBorn in Egypt but now practicing in New York, this renowned artist and designer describes his own style as sensual minimalism (left). His creations give a perceptible, cosy feeling while his designs deviate from all strict lines. I want to change the world is the self-confident motto of Karim Rashid, who is a leading figure in the fields of product, interior, fashion, furniture, lighting design and art.Although the collection includes some one-colour co-ordinate papers, the majority of the designs are ones that will definitely make a statement.Art Borders 2011, from the Vision Luxury collection, and exclusive to Resene ColorShops in New Zealand only.ReseneGenie 67'