b'advertising featurewhich one are you?Are you a sassy socialite, a home body or a hard-working professional? Perhaps your carpet choice reflects your personality. Drama queenShrinking violets need not apply! This woman loves drama in all aspect of her life. She dresses in cutting-edge fashion and is certainly not afraid to use brightly coloured patterns in her clothing or in her home dcor. In fact, the large-scale Florence Broadhurst-type wallpaper she hung in the living area, and her retro sofa go just perfectly with the vibrant Charmeuse cut pile carpet in Roseberry. Considering herself quite intellectual and arty, Drama Queen dresses in Zambezi and Obi,and finds that her career as an interior designer or art gallery owner truly befits her lifestyle.Charmeuse is a super soft cut pile with colours to dazzle.Sophisticated urbanite Typically an empty nester with no dogs and no kids, the Sophisticated Urbanite loves glamour and luxury. She attends cocktail parties on a regular basis, is well-practised at the art of air-kissing, and will furnish her homeperhaps an elegant apartment near the centralcitywith classic signature pieces of furniture and acres of gleaming metallic surfaces. Dressing in designer labels such as Trelise Cooper and Yvonne Benetti, she will choose the newly released Elysium for the soft sensuous feeling of the shag pile beneath her expensively pedicured feet. The new Elysium shagpile offers a modern and innovativetwist on a classic style from the 60s.Corporate commanderThisisthepersonholdingourworldtogether,asolidcitizenusedto wielding power in the boardroom or courtroom. Highly organised and with a penchant for the classically understated, they see the carpet as the fifth wall and want a neutral palette to balance the rest of their very tailored and impeccably tidy surroundings.Wearing suits bought at a boutique in their blue-chip suburb or at the upmarket department store in the city, the Corporate Commander loves the slight quirkiness and interest of the interlaced woven pattern of the Marocain carpet; it also bears the nostalgia of tweed and the old country. Marocain has a fabulous neutral palette to complement any decor.50'