b'Keys:Donthidekeysinplaceswhereonlookerscanseeyou depositing or collecting them. Dont leave them in a convenient, andBefore you leavetherefore predictable, hiding place. Turn off switches: Make sure your main appliances are turned off at the switch. This will ensure there is no current still running Windows and doors: Before leaving on your travels, take extra carethrough the appliance and prevent any short-circuit which can in checking that all doors and windows are locked securely, and ifcause a fire. It will also save electricity.there is a burglar alarm that it is set. Prolonged holiday: If you are going to be away for a long time Garages and sheds: If you have valuable items in the shed, suchyou should let your insurance company know. If the absence as bikes or tools, then it might be a good idea to store them in theperiod is longer than the period stated in your policy, then your house over the holiday period.house cover may automatically reduce to fire damage only. On Water supply: Turning off your water will help prevent damage in theAMI policies this time period is 60 days. Just notify your insurer unlikely event of a pipe bursting or coming off the tap, e.g. washingto ensure you always have the correct cover.machine pipes. It may surprise you to know that water can cause aHouse sitters: If you have someone staying in your house while considerable amount of damage, especially if left unattended. you are away on holiday, your insurance policy would still be Pets: Lock your pet door if you are not leaving your pet at home. Ifvalid with AMIbut check with your insurer to be sure.If you you are leaving your pet at home, desensitise your alarm to allow theare away from home for a long period and renting your house animal to move around your home. out, then you may need to change your policy to a Rental policycontact your insurance company for more information.topContents cover: It is important to note that not all insurance tip policies give you the same contents cover when you are away from home on holiday. Certain policies, while providing full To keep your plants watered while on holiday, water the plantreplacement value when you are at home, only provide market and invert a plastic bag over it. The condensation should keepvalue replacement for items when you are away from home on the soil moist for a few days. Alternatively, place a jar of waterholiday. You can contact your insurance company to confirm your above the plant and place one end of a piece of string in thepolicy details to ensure you have the correct cover. Remember, water and bury the other end in the soil. The plant should receivehowever, when you are on holiday to keep your things safe and enough water through the capillary action for a week.out of view from potential burglars.Win a copy of Dish magazine When you take out a new House or Contents policy with AMI Insurance you will automatically receive an annual subscription to Dish magazine. AMI is the largest wholly New Zealand owned fire and general insurance company so you can sit back and relax and enjoy a good read, knowing your possessions are in safe hands.For a competitive quote call AMI today on 0800 100 200 and mention this offer when you take out a new policy.Terms and conditions: 1. AMI Insurance Limited (AMI) offers a 12 month subscription (6 issues) to Dish Magazine (one subscription only per customer) for each new Houseor Contents policy purchased during this promotion where the customer purchasing the policy mentions this offer to the AMI representative attending at the time of purchase of the policy (new policies purchased without reference to this offer do not qualify for the Dish Magazine subscription). 2. This offer does not apply to the renewal of an existing AMI policy. 3. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other AMI offer or promotion. 4. Standard AMI policy criteria, terms and conditions apply and subscription details will be posted to customers af ter confirmation of insurance cover (Please allow up to 15 working days after confirmation of insurance cover for delivery). 5. Offer ends 31 December 2008. 6. AMI staff and agents and their immediate families do not qualify for this offer. 7. AMI reserves the right to terminate this offer promotion without notice at any time. 8 AMIs decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.9. The Dish Magazine subscription is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. 10. Details of each customer who accepts this offer will be passed on to Jones Publishing for subscription purposes only. 11. The start date for the subscription is at AMIs discretion; confirmation will be sent in writing.72'