b'colourful peopleI might decide to use two or three different patterns on one panel instead of just one, or maybe whack in some upholstery nails to jazz a stool up.ResenePassionResenePrincessRightStool artistMarcia Scott on one of her creations.sitting prettyArtist Marcia Scott uses an unusual yet practical canvasfor her colourful artworks. After two decades of creating artworks for walls, Marcia ScottThesturdydesignwasperfectedwiththehelpofalocal decided she wanted a new type of canvas. I wanted somethingdraughtsman. All four side panels slot together, and two of that would be simple and functional and have lots of space them also slot into the top. Two strong narrow straps lock the for decoration, says the Hamilton artist and mother of twowhole assemblage into place.young children.The panels are laser-cut by a local joinery firm, and undercoated She came up with the concept of a stool which, at 500mmand sanded by Marcia, and then the fun begins!tall, also works well as a little table. I like to think of them asWhat begins as an image in Marcias head will be transferred artworks for the floor. to her work book, with notes and sketches specifying which 52'