b'bright ideaReseneAfficionadoReseneEvermoreboxing cleverWant a feature wall with a difference? Take this designers lead for a fun tile-look treatment. DesignerMartyPrincephasalwayslikedfindingeconomicMarty did a dummy run of the scheme, painting small pieces of waysofdoingsomethinginterestingwithinteriors.Beforewallpaper and shuffling them around on an A4 scale model. He officially studying in design, he was the owner, designer andtook digital photographs of the various schemes before editing builder of the well-known Luminaire Vodka Bar in Beresforddown the choices to one pattern. I didnt want the patterning St, Auckland, where the interiors were all whitea look aheadto look forced, or to be too obvious, says Marty. of its time in those days.He then had a joiner cut the tiles to exact size with a computer That experience launched a passion for design which saw Martycontrolled saw. Of course, neither the wall or the hole in the study design and interiors for a couple of years in Wellington.wall to the kitchen are square, so some pieces were hand cut When he returned, he struck a deal with good friends Gerardusing a fine, sharp saw to fit. and Anna OBrienin exchange for staying with them, heThe tiles were then painted using a hand-roller, then stuck would do up their house.onto the wall using plastic tile spacers to position them.This wall sits between the houses living area and the kitchen,Marty jokes that when his friends want to sell their house, and is actually made up of 88 separate 6mm-thick mdf tiles,they can always just paint over the wall in a plain colour if hand-rolled in various Resene colours. its considered too adventurous for popular tastes. Or, if they Marty, Gerard and Anna devised the colour scheme using Reseneget bored with browns, they could always use another colour Brown Pod, Resene Dakota, Resene Half Blanc and Resene Quasar.scheme -variations of green, blue, or orange/reds, perhaps.The colours blend with the other walls, painted Resene Tea.Watch this space.54'