b'step by stepraise it up words and pictures thanks to Hirepool Join the grow-your-own movement bymaking this easy-to-use raised vege garden complete with built-in tomato or bean rack. Youll need: Dingo (walk-behind digger), trailer, mitre saw, level, electric leads and RCD power box, personal protection equipment (PPE), post hole borer, nail gun, wheelbarrow, shovel and spade, lawn mower, weedeater, tape measure, enough compost to fill your garden (we used one trailer load), H3 treated timber (for exact measurements please see www.hirepool.co.nz), galvanised nails and pins, clothesline wire for tomato or bean rackStep 1 Prepare the site by mowing the lawn, weedeating and clearing any debris. Fora larger site, you may choose to usea dingo to clear and turf the area. Measure and mark your timber to Step 3the correct length. Our garden is 2.4m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 0.4m (h).Secure the boards on the two long sidesof your garden by nailing to your uprights (we used 50mm2 H3 pegs). Pin the short side boards together using H3 25mm2 beading. This will then enable you to nail together three sides. The fourth and final short side will be attached once thegarden is in place.Step 2 Cut the timber to length using a mitresaw and ensuring you use personal protection equipment at all times.120 |'