b'LeftLiving areas wrap aroundthe central stairwell, creating intimate spaces rather than those that are grand but impersonal.BelowThe kitchen/dining area is possibly the most demur room of the house,and opens to a large deck.Below leftA smaller space currentlyused as a music room to the side of themain living area is painted a soothing Resene Windblown Green from theKaren Walker range.The coloursKerry explains that the house is essentially neutral with glimpses of strong colour, so you dont feel engulfed in it. The colours complement and add an element of surprise to the rich complement andselection of materials: the concrete, timbers, steel and glass.add an element ofStanding at the black granite bench in the glossy, white kitchen, you look up through the void to surprise to the richthe floor above which adds an uplifting dimension to the living space. To emphasise the drama selection of materials:of height, Kerry created a lime green paint (Resene OLeary Green) to use here and on the high soffits outside. The matt finish hides any imperfections in the medium-density fibreboard (mdf) the concrete, timbers,and the colour contrasts beautifully with timber trims painted in Resene Ebony. steel and glass. While paint colour serves to highlight spatial effects, no effort has been made to disguise structural elements in the home. A steel support beam is exposed and left raw as it runs between concrete tilt slabs on either side of the house. Several gnarly old hardwood poles Did you know?Choose Resene Zylonegrow up through the ground floor ceiling. Greg explains that its this kind of honesty which Sheen VOC Free for interior walls forgives the house life. The combination of old and new adds a feeling of homeliness. better indoor air quality and a luxurious low sheen finish.As your eye steals around the marvelous array of construction details on show, you understand the excitement the OLearys must feel every day. Graham Lane is keen on providing a continuum between materials used on the inside and out. Cedar weatherboards, the same as those on the exterior, are mounted against the concrete tilt slabs inside for a rich, warm effect. Upstairs, in the central living space between bedrooms, mdf ceiling panels overlap like weatherboards, adding an interesting layered effect and again highlighted in Resene OLeary Green.The house was designed for maximum flexibility to suit changing lifestyles. Two downstairs living areas open into one another while a smaller space off to the side, painted a soothing Resene Windblown Green from the Karen Walker range, is used as a music room, but could easily morph into another bedroom.34'