b'framed!diy kidz21 Jazz up a plain picture or mirror frame with painted cut-outs.You will need:A plain wooden or MDF picture or mirror frame (available 3rom craft stores)Pen and a sheet of Coverseal or Duraseal (any contact adhesivewill do, its a plastic coating with a paper backing used to coveschool books)Resene Scissors CharlottePaintbrushes Resene HyperactiveResene testpots(see suggestions below)Resene Glue-on jewelsLickety SplitResene Craft glue Party Dress4To make:1. Remove the mirror or photo back and glass, 3. Peelthepaperbackingofftheshapesandthen apply the basecoat of paint to the front ofstickthemdownontotheframes.Onthethe frame. You can either apply a single colour frame with the lime basecoat, we stuck downor paint stripes of different colours so you getsome shapes and then painted another layera number of colours coming through later. Ifof paint, allowed that to dry and then stuck 5you paint stripes of colours, let each stripe drydown a second set of shapes to get two coloursbefore you paint the next. showing through later.2. Take the Coverseal and a pen and draw some 4. Apply the nal coat of paint, over all layers ofsimple shapes on the paper side. We did sh,shapes. This will be the main colour that shows.owers, leaves, spirals, wiggly lines, hearts and Let this dry properly.stars. Make sure they arent too big to t on 5. Peel off the shapes to reveal the colours below!the painted frames. Cut them out carefully. On the mirror, we used craft glue to stick on thejewels for a bit of extra zing. Replace the mirror,insert Try these colour combinations: Fast Lane, in stripes of ReseneMetallic Resene Charlotte and Resene Art Action Mirror: Basecoat Nitro. Topcoat: Resene Royal Heath.Single layer frame: Basecoat in Resene Sportstar, topcoat in Resene Lucky Break. in Resene Lickety Split, middle coat in Resene Parachute, topcoat in Double layer frame: Basecoat Resene Hyperactive.96styling and words Helena Dunnpictures Mark Heaslip'