b'Quality pays for itselfOne of the most critical comparisons youll need to make when choosing a carpet is the cost vs theLets hear it return (both emotional and tangible) over your lifetime in your house. Quick do-ups for sale infor the return recent years have seen a lot of low-quality, cheapof comfort carpet installed. It looks great on the day of the open home but wont last the distance, quicklyand cosiness! becoming shabby and worn.With the real estate boom over, staying in your home for a much longer time is going to become the norm. It means youll need a quality carpet that will look good at least ve years from now if you do decide to sell and move on. A Cavalier Bremworthextraheavydutycarpetgivesyou more wool per square centimetre than a lower grade carpet which means it looks better and lasts much longer.Tactile and sensuous is inTheresnodoubttheresbeenareturnto sensuousness and softness in carpets in the past year. Cut piles are enjoying a resurgence and now theyrebecomingplusherandmoretextural. Shagpile has even made a return, although its a more sophisticated, lower and denser carpet than its groovy counterpart from the 1960s.Plush piles are very soft and velvetyand just like velvet, the bres do exhibit light and dark shading effects on the oor. Its important to appreciate this before you buy.Looppilecarpetsalwayslooksmartandwith avarietyoftexturesandcolourscanenhance any style of dcor. Theyre very family friendly, especially in the mid-tone and darker colours.Combination cut and loop pile carpets are another way to create drama and interest on the oor and are a relatively new innovation. This style can be used throughout a whole house or mixed with a plush pile to create special zones of interest.Cavalier Bremworth has the biggest range in the marketsoyoucaneasilyndaquality100% wool carpet to suit your dcor and lifestyle at a surprisingly affordable price.0800 808 303 www.cavbrem.co.nzOriel combination cut and loop pile Velluto plush pile (Cashmere) (Moody Beige) 45'