b'bathroomviva le pacicaA pampering yet practical bathroom blendsFrench overtones with Pacic style.In an era when so many bathrooms are awash with tiles and sleekA bathroom needs to be functional, she says. Its a business-like roomwith contemporary style, this renovated space is not only refreshinglybut that doesnt mean it cant have character.gorgeous but so perfectly in tune with the house in which it sits. The house had been renovated in past decades by owners who The house is unusualbuilt in double brick at around 1910 by an added varnished rimu tongue-and-groove panelling to the bathroom. AustralianbuilderwhoboughtFederationinuenceswithhimRather than strip this out, Marg used it to advantage by painting it in from across the Tasman and merged them with classic Kiwi villaResene Mischka, a soft slate blue. The walls above the panelling are characteristics. Its one of a handful of such houses, all in a row in Aucklands Mt Eden and now dubbed The Seven Sisters. painted in Resene Seashell. When the current owners, Marg and Michael Wood, began renovations,Marg was keen to keep the colour scheme simplewhite, blue/grey they wanted to modernise the bathroom but not with a clinical result. and blackso rather than have natural oorboards, she chose to So many bathrooms are clinical and gloomy. I wanted it to be simple paint them in Resene Black, then further protect them with a coat and uncluttered but friendly and welcoming, says Marg. of polyurethane.68'