b'Dont assume, askyou dont want to be caught short when something goes wrong.Please ensure you read your full policy document wording to understand the terms and conditions of the cover provided by your insurer.Smile, the renovations are complete BeforeWith the look just right, before you sit back and relax remember to contact your insurance company again. Inform your insurance company when the work is complete. Once your renovations or alterations are complete, you should revert back to a standard House policy offered by your insurer. AMI has two levels of House insurance cover, each designed to give you the protection you need at a price that suits you.Make sure your new extension is covered. Depending on your policy, your level of cover will be determined by either the value of your house or the oor area of the house. Make sure you contact your insurance company as you will only be covered for the value or oor size stated on your policy schedule. Dont forget about your Contents cover. Most people ndAfterthat renovations and alterations are a good excuse to upgrade or buy additional furnishings and appliances. Speak to yourAboveA living room is transformed with Resene Double Alabaster and Resene Half Spanish White.insurancecompanyaboutincreasingyoursuminsuredon your Contents policy. topResenetip Half Spanish WhiteWhether you are renovating an inner city apartment or a grandReseneContactyourinsurancecompanyRoot Beerold villa, it is important to make sure your meticulously detailedReseneplan includes your insurance requirements. Knowing you havebeforeyoustartworkonyourTarotthe right level of cover before you start your renovations willhouse, as once your alterations have commencedyoumaynotgetthe allow you to concentrate on creating the perfect space to suitcover you need.your lifestyle. Also remember to ask your insurance For more information and a competitivie quote, call AMI todaycompany about your oorcoverings on 0800 100 200. as these may be covered under your Contentspolicyratherthanyour House policy. 57'