b'keeping it simpleWith so much choice in home renovation products,how on earth do you decide?The word renovation sends most of us spiraling into equal partsThe selection processexcitement and dread. To visualise the big picture but successfullyListexactlywhatyouwantyourrenovationtoachieve.Commit mastermind tiny details is a true art. Decisions you didnt dream oftopaperspecicfunctionalaimslike,cost-effectivewarmth will be required, concerning products and processes of which youthroughout, before moving onto aesthetic, stylistic preferences and may currently be ignorant.favoured products. Think about open homes youve visited; magazine Renovating is not unlike getting married. It pays to know unequivocallyfeatures youve admired. What did you envy and why? If you loved a what you do and dont like; to realise that those trends you adoreparticular deck or piece of furniture, note it down. A scheme can be now may or may not last. For those of us who prefer to personallydesigned around it!lead a home project (as opposed to employing an interior designer),Spend a little internet time on interior/exterior design sites. Home, immediatelyapparentwillbethemountainofinformationandbuilding and design magazines all have their own sites. Dream a little. plethora of choices.Trywww.resene.co.nz,www.interiorsonline.co.nz,www.makeover.co.nz and www.shoppinginstyle.co.nz for starters.A thorough search of your ownThink about how eco-friendly your choices are. Are you considering taste and motivation comes rst. solar water and underoor heating, use of grey-water, optimal double glazing and insulation levels?Quickly eliminate looks/styles/products you dont like, or which dont But how to start? Trawl the internet rst? Hot-foot it around shopsanswer your overall aim. If you really love a particular nish or product, every weekend for months? The best beginning may be neither.stand rm and question those who try to persuade you otherwise. A thorough search of your own taste and motivation comes rst,Dont capitulate easily and then suffer regret!because this is all about you. Do you know the ideal scale of your alterations or additions? Do you have an exact gure to spend? DoRemember that details like trims and door-handles set an overall style, you want the renovation to make the space seem bigger? Funkier?so give their selection due consideration and time; dont discount More elegant? their importance.An equally great renovation precursorone which helps to bothBe happy to be individual in your taste. Adding a bold, condent broaden your horizons and hone preferencesis a visit to a Homeor luxury item to your scheme will often lift an otherwise average Ideas Centre. The centres are year-round, static home-show exhibitionsrenovation to new heights!with no entry fee. If you and your partner cant agree, resist compromising over one The Home Ideas Centres function almost like some clients livingroominfavourofeachmakingdesigndecisionsaboutdifferent roomsfortherenovationsduration,accordingtonationalsalesspaces; an approach thats often more successful.and marketing manager Vicki Grainger. People leave with wads ofChoose the highest-quality products you can. Think about what will brochures to take home and discuss, slashing their internet search,be stunning long-term. Take whatever time is needed to do it once shop haul and product-sourcing time. and do it right.Surely such exposure to choice could be stressful? Couldnt confusion result? Vicki disagrees. People often realise were here half-wayReseneArtefactthrough, and wish theyd come here before starting a project. OthersReseneknow about us and call in as much as a year before beginning work,NoosaReseneto have ample time and space for proper planning, Vicki says. Quarter Silver Sand wordsLiesl Johnstone 43'