b'Laz Fioww MID sofa 09Forma www.forma.co.nz 09 368 7694Black Cow Hide rug Forma www.forma.co.nz 09 368 7694ReseneVibeFlameboyant Solitaire gas reResene Bianca Inovowww.inovo.co.nz09 379 7399Resene BlackoutResene KarmaUFO oor lamps Forma www.forma.co.nz 09 368 7694Replica Noguchi Coffee Table Forma www.forma.co.nz 09 368 7694Based on a striking colour scheme of red, white and black, this room is full of personality, character and contemporary style. Despite its clean lines and uncluttered nature, it has a richness introduced by the red upholstery, glossy hide rug, timber oors, gas re and glowing lamps. The re-styled Lazy Girl chair introduces a bit of fun and sex-appeal, and is an example of my passion for refurbishing retro pieces of furniture. Its a scheme of understated glamour and just a little bit cheeky.Fiona McLeod of Fiona McLeod Designsuggests this alternative scheme:phone 09 378 1818email ona@onamcleoddesign.co.nz53'