b'21 Upstairs apartment bedroom:You can lie in bed and look at the stars. 2 banks of 3 VELUX Skylights2 outside ones open, with 1 the centre one xed.2 Exterior of de RooHouseLiving the Dream 3Internal swimming pool room: Light comes through the 3 VELUX Skylights into WITHOUT EXHAUSTING RESOURCES the pool and is reected into the lounge through de Roo House, Halswell on the Park, Reserve, Christchurch the glass windows and doors.Three years ago Paul de Roo embarked on a cunning plan; toThe swimming pool room: build a sprawling 410 square metre home that didnt comeThe swimming pool room faces onto the reserves small lake, with super sized power bills.so the family can breakfast watching the ducks through two We designedThe site for his plan; Christchurchs Halswell on the Park,sets of interior windows.bounded by native reserve on two sides. In this 7 metre wide room, de Roo installed two banks of VELUX the houseThe single storey home was planned with two distinct as- Skylightstwo up and two down.and locatedpects; a self contained upstairs apartment, and a swimmingThe sun shines through the skylights, across the swimming pool room, with energy efciency taking centre stage. pool room into the lounge, creating extra natural light.the VELUXThe thing I hate most is the power billsevery time you Humidity was a possible issue for the swimming pool room. Skylights turn around they seem to put the price up. Friends haveVELUX Opening Skylights move air and clear humidity and had power bills of $500$1000 per month, commentscondensation at the touch of a button.in line onde Roo.This highly specd swimming pool room can also be a movie three of theThe apartment: theatre.To maintain the single storey design, the upstairs apartment four sideswas created in the roof space. An open and shut case for energy efciency.of the roofWe wanted to be able to tuck our family under our wing,The de Roo households power bill this summer has aver-says de Roo. To achieve airow and lighting de Roo placedaged an acceptable $200 per month, which includes the to minimizetwo banks of three VELUX Skylights in the roof. initial heating up of the swimming pool. de Roo attributes the natural lighting and ventilation to his decision to use dark cornersIt would get stuffy and stagnant with traditional windows,VELUX Skylights.explains de Roo. Without the VELUX Skylights it would inside have been difcult to achieve this quality of livingwarmWe designed the house with luxury in mind, and to be much sunlight, natural lighting and natural ventilation. bigger than the average sized family home, but costing as PAUL DE ROOmuch in energy to run as an average sized home.RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION. The banks of VELUX Skylights are on either side of the apart- Power keeps going upVELUX Skylights add the light and ment to catch sunlight through the day. The sun sets in theventilation upstairs so we dont have to.west, so the only time we turn a light on is at night.FOR MORE VIEWS ON ENERGY EFFICIENT VELUX SKYLIGHTS CALL 0800 402 080 OR CLICK ON www.velux.co.nz'