b'Fashion designer Karen Walker plays out her talent on a global stage. Shes so accomplished at mixing pattern, texture, cut and colour to bring style and whimsy to her clothing collections, you would think that making dcor decisions for her home would have been a cinch. Not true. Even for Karen, colour condence did not come easily. So when Resene approached her nine years ago to collaborate on a smart, modern colour range, she took her own experience as a starting point. I wanted to demystify the process of choosing colour, to take away the fear that many people feel. Changing a wall The popularity of that original edited range of just 29 dusty, warm shades has proven thecolour is still one adage that less is moreand the new Karen Walker collection from Resene continues this theme. of the easiest and Released recently are six palettes featuring seven colours each that can be successfullycheapest ways to combined to evoke a mood: no more guesswork in your paintwork, good taste guaranteed.adjust the feel We wanted to expand on the notion of taking that fear away by grouping colours in stories, explains Karen.of a home.The fandeck itself is suitably stylish, with photographs of painted model houses complementing the strips, rather than chips, of colour. This current collection was inspired by the Bauhaus style that originated in Germany in the 1920s. One key principle of this philosophy was to select colours that were complementary from an emotional point of view rather than a technical or tonal one. With this in mind, Karen and her long-time friend and interior designer Katie Lockhart, put their heads together to develop a collection that, like her clothing, has the power to surprise. The result is a tailored blend of Karens favourite hues that uses some colours from her original range but pushes the boundaries with striking metallics and cheerful warm tones. Even if homeowners only use two or three of the paint colours in a room, they may use the other colours to pick out a piece of furniture or in their accessories, suggests Karen.Changing a wall colour is still one of the easiest and cheapest ways to adjust the feel of a home, she says. Karen Walker colours are available exclusively from Resene.Resene Clementine Orange Resene Crisp GreenResene Jetsam Brown Resene Industrial SilverResene Smoky Green Resene Warmed BrownLeftBackground: Resene Ecru White. Tulip chair, $699, from Nood. Chairman console table in maple, $2645, from Design Denmark. Ted Dutch print circa 1968, $1800, and orange German Spiderweb vase circa 1950, $1500, from Art & Industry. Bitossi Bicolore bottle vase, $180, from Matisse. Ball (from set of 12, $160), from Flotsam & Jetsam. Cube painted Resene Beryl Green. Angel by Melissa Young, $185, from The Poi Room. RightBackground: Resene Blanched Pink. Tree and book, stylists own. Felt Hat Last, $210, from Flotsam & Jetsam. White hand hanger, $39, and Third Drawer Down canvas, $147, from Macy Home. Ceramic moths by Rachel Stephenson, $14 each, from The Poi Room. Stockists overleaf. 11'