b'colourful peopleIts like a memorybox. I love the socialhistorical context ofthese pieces.ReseneBright RedReseneEnglish SageReseneMerinoResenePizazzRightPhilippa at work in her studio.memories are made of thisArtist Philippa Bentley combines nostalgia, insects, demo materials and colour to create her unique artworks.From an image of the large brightly coloured cut-out butteries thata huhu beetle decorated with the cover of the Powells Native Animalsused to adorn weatherboard houses in the 1950s in her head, artist of New Zealand book cover and a honey bee with Beehive matches.Philippa Bentley has created an evocative series of artworks. There is a giant weta holding two raygunsthe antique-style sci- Called the Insects and Memories series, the art combines reproductionsweapons designed by Greg Broadmore of Weta Workshops. The of iconic packaging with detailed images of insects, screen-printed giant weta is blazing on, despite being endangered. Its a timeless and hand-painted onto old weatherboards using colours from the creature, from prehistoric times. Its sad to think its under threat, Resene Heritage range. The images are then hand labelled and box says Philippa.framed as if archived in a museum collection. Also, a painted lady buttery using the pin-up girl image from the World She began with the monarch buttery, painted with a pattern inspired War Two B17F airplane Memphis Belle and a cicada with a radio tuner by the Edmonds Sure to Rise Baking Powder packet. From there, thepainted on its abdomen. I remember holding cicadas in your cuppedcollection grew to include a puriri moth with Watties peas patterning, hands, next to your ear as a kid and listening to them, she says.78'