b'A good way to start is to nd an object to use as an inspiration.1.A good way to start any interior design scheme isHere, Debbie has used Resene Quarter Silver Sand to nd an object to use as inspiration. Here, we haveand Resene Sisal as her base colours, and overlaid the used a shell but it could be anythinga ower or partothers in various proportions. of the garden, a painting, a view, a piece of fabric.3. Onceyourcolourpaletteisarranged,Debbie Debbielikestogainherinspirationfromnature:advises to always choose your oor coverings next Nature is never wrong. You will nd that the colours the timber, carpet and tiles. The oor is the largest foundinnature,intheenvironmentaroundyou,surface area, its the greatest expense and the surface always work well together. you are least likely to change in a hurry. This is the Colours found within these objects are never simple.most important aspect to get right. And whatever Most of us would assume a shell is white or cream, butyou choose, lay it alongside the colour palette to this particular one also has burnt orange, blue/greymake sure it ts in. AboveDebbieand deep brown as well as a couple of creamy tones.4.Next comes any other horizontal surfaces in the Abercrombie has herForget your assumptions and look hard at the objecthouse, such as the kitchen benchtops, vanities and own interior design consultancy, she teachesyou have found, to identify the various colours. cabinetry. Again, lay your laminate chips or composite interior design at Te Tuhistone samples alongside your colour palette. Centre for the Arts in2.The next step is to then match those colours to Pakuranga (www.tetuhi. corresponding Resene shades. You wont actually use5. Thenalcomponentofyourboardisthe org.nz), and was a tutorall of these paints as some will only represent accentfabrics,forcurtainsandblinds,upholsteryand for ve years with the Wellington Polytechniccolours for upholstery or cushions, but this will givecushions.Thiscanbethemostconfusingpart, Interior Designyou a colour palette to keep referring back to.with the plethora of fabrics on the market. Debbie correspondence course.advises choosing a couple of plain neutral fabrics GetthevarioustestpotsfromyourlocalReseneas,say,themainwindowandsofacoverings, ColorShop and paint up A4 sheets of colour or buythenusingmoreinterestingpatternedfabricsfor Resene drawdowns. Then put them in order of thecushions and chairs. amount of space they will be in the room, ie use the whole A4 sheet for the colour/s you will use for theIn this scheme, while all of the fabrics work together, walls, and the colour that represents the oor, thenthey are grouped into a darker, more formal cluster place smaller strips of the other colours on top, iewhich would be good for a smaller sitting room or thosethatrepresentthecurtains,sofacoverings,main bedroom, and a lighter, more casual cluster, kitchen cabinetry, cushions etc. perfect for a family room.42 |'