b'Less litterKeep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) is a non-prot organisation operating as a charitable trusttopromotelitterabatement,waste reduction and town and city beautication.KNZB delivers programs through local, school andnationallitterprogramsandcleanup activities.Workisdonebyvolunteers, schools,communitygroups,localbodies, localcouncils,businessesandindustrial organisations. Projects are co-ordinated by programme sites (eg Keep Porirua Beautiful) to keep the towns and cities, streets and parks,lakes,coastalandmarinelocations beautiful and litter-free. Some of its more intriguing initiatives are the annual Best Loo competition and the launch of a Cigarette Butt Litter Toolkit. There are Keep Your Town (or City) Beautiful organisationsneareachcommunity. KNZBhasrolesforalltypesof membersanditshighlylikely theres an active branch not far away.Alistofmembersand moreinformationisavailable on the website,www.knzb.org.nz.Australiahostsasimilar organisationKeep AustraliaBeautiful see www.kab.org.au.ReseneParachuteReseneX FactorRightBarry Lucinskya ne legacy for acleaner New Zealand. words Sharon Stephensonpictures Nicola Edmonds 39'