b'Resene ReseneRampart TeaPerfect partnersFor the DIYer, one of the big challenges when it comes to interiorSome of the fabrics come in a number of different colourwaysfor decorating is being able to nd the right curtains to match the paintexample, the Resene Metaphor curtain, with its simple leaf motif youve chosen, or vice versa. Now there is a supremely simple solutiononalightlytexturedbackground,isavailableinNaturalle(rich for those embarking on decorating projects: Mollers, in partnershipcream), Mocha (warm brown) or Bud (soft green), which is proving a particularly popular choice.with Resene, has developed a range of curtain fabrics, available in Resene ColorShops and selected curtaining stores, designed to matchAndtomakethewholeprocesssupremelysimple,eachcurtain sample comes with a how-to card which details the matching paint Resenes popular paint colours and a number of feature colours. colours for that particular curtain. Up until now you had to go into a paint store to buy your paint andAlthough you dont have to stick to what the card says, it does offer a curtain store to buy your curtains, says Wynne Brewer. As thea number of different paint options for each fabric, for example two products ultimately end up in the same room, Resene wantedthe Resene Diva curtain in Charcoal (a luxurious sheen curtain with to make the process easier and have the key components of a rooma tone-on-tone woven contemporary design) suggests a choice of designed to go together and available in one place. two neutralsResene Half Napa or Resene Half Stonehengeor the deep charcoal Resene Jaguar, for a more dramatic effect.Mollers and Resene started with around 100 different fabrics andTo see the curtain range either visit your local Resene ColorShop or rened them down to a range of 29, which incorporates a varietywww.resene.co.nz/curtains.htm to nd your nearest curtain specialist of stylestraditional and contemporary, residential and commercial. that offers the Resene Curtain Collection.Resene Half NapaAbove leftResene Curtain Collection Ignite: Contemporary design printed in thenewest metallics. Resene Moody LavenderAbove rightResene Curtain Collection Ambiance: Classic narrow stripe in a faux silk effect. 37'