b'Step 1 Step 2 Briskly wipe over the piece of furnitureCover over the areas that to clean off dust and grime. Removewill eventually show through any handles and hinges. Paint withwith masking tape. This will give Resene Waterborne Smooth Surfaceyou sharp edges and corners, Sealer by following the directions onand save having to overpaint the tin. Liberally paint any areas to bethe highlights with a steady hand. highlighted with the secondary colour. Step 3 Paint over the entire piece with your main colour then gently remove the masking tape to reveal the highlights.Step 4 Now gild on top of the highlight colour. Practice rst on something small like an old picture frame. Gilding isnt difcult, just delicate. Follow the instructions on the gold leaf sheetsthe gold leaf is applied on top of the sizing liquid. Work quickly and dont try to remove anyit can be gently sanded off later. Overlay sheets liberally and if applying in strips as shown here, cut several sheets with a sharp blade before"you can paint on a gold beginning so there is less wastage.efMfUeFScOt BuUsJWinFgMZ Resene Gold Effects, either directly onto the furniture or create a Brush off the excess leaf with astencil and use that for your design.soft brush, being quite brisk. If a little distressing is required, rub all over with steel wool or (very carefully) with a hand sander. A high-gloss, such as Resene Resene Aquaclear, or at polyurethane Cabbage Pont can be used to protect the painted surface.ResenePlanter See more furniture like this inRos de Coeks stunning French-stylehouse on page 22.TUZMJOH\x01BOE\x01QBJOUJOHRos de Coek QJDUVSFTRossi Gannon| 77'