b'advertising featurehard times call for soft oorsWhen times are tough, we yearn for the comforts of home and the cosiness of soft furnishings like carpet.Duringtimesofeconomicrecession,staying at home and cocooning becomes a dominant trend.Wemightdineoutlessfrequentlybut will entertain at home with family and friends.Evenings can be spent lounging around watchinga movie with the family, having Playstation duels andSingstarcompetitions,orevenplaying classic board games. Its a time to create some memorable moments.But in seeking out the comforts of home and literallyspending more time there, the shortcomings of your home dcor are brought into sharper focus.The cold starkness of the minimalist look isnt so inviting or nurturing. And what about the heating bills during the colder months? If you want to create a warm and welcoming home environment this winter, one of the rstplaces to address is your oor. Is it a place youre happy to lounge about on, sprawling out to read a magazine and have the children play on? Or is it a hard and noisy surface that doesnt create the sort of ambience youd like? Lets hear it for a return to comfort and cosiness!Cavalier Bremworth100%woolcarpetisoneofthemostaffordableooringoptionsyoucan havecosting a lot less than most peoplethink(justmakesureyourecomparingprices in square metres instead of linear metres which carpet can often be quoted insimply divide thelinear metre cost by 3.66, which is the width ofa roll of carpet). It can be easily installed in a day,with carpet layers generally happy to move yourfurniture about for you.100% wool carpet is also an excellent insulator, helping to reduce your heating bills and it retains the warmth of your home. Elysium shagpile (Urbane) fromResene The Bremworth Collection Cannon PinkResene Matterhorn44'