b'Add coloured towels and accessories to a bland bathroomthese small rooms dont take much to liven up. Try to choose accessories that are not overly detailed, to keep such a smallBelow topMirrors can make a small space seem much larger. space looking less cluttered. The walls are Resene Fiesta.In the dining room, a new table runner or centrepiece can rejuvenate the space quicklyBelowConsider using a striking colour for one wall, such as Resene Sanguine and easily. Brown, then choose appropriate artwork to complement it.Cover and rejuvenateIf your sofa upholstery is looking tired but you cant afford to invest in new furniture, consider a slipcover. This is a great option for those with kids and pets as the cover or sheet can be thrown into the wash. Similarly in the bedroom, the duvet is generally a key feature of the room so a new one will make a big difference. Consider repainting tired furniture. Generally, this can be done in a day with minimal paint. Or if you want an antique look, try out some of the Resene Paint Effects techniques (see the Resene website or pick up a brochure from a Resene ColorShop) for an aged effect or crackle effect. If you need more furniture but cant afford to buy new, buy second-hand from garage sales or online, and then repaint them. Cleaning and painting the kitchen cabinetry doors and replacing the handles with something more modern may be all you need to makeover your kitchen. Or remove a few doors and turn the cupboards into display shelves, either with a neutral coloured background or splash out with a bolder colour.DIY art If your walls look a little barren but you cant afford expensive artwork, create your own. You can now buy pre-primed artist canvases at very reasonable prices. A series of canvases each painted a different colour or colours with a bold geometric or splash pattern may be all you need to jazz up a room. Get your children involved. Paint a base colour onto the canvas to suit the room scheme and then select some other colours for your child to work with. Family photos and artwork can also be transferred onto canvas, by canvas art companies. These can be an ideal way to create a striking work of art for the walls using favourite family keepsakes rather than hiding them away in albums and drawers.Mirrors and lightsMirrors can make a small space seem much larger. When hanging a mirror make sure you place it so that it reects a pleasant viewnot a blank wall or a closet door. Also ensure the mirror is at a height that wont cut the heads off tall people, which is considered bad feng shui!An interesting lamp or candle selection can add interest to a space, particularly if you select something bold or unique. They can become a talking point and late in the evening can make a nice change from strong overhead light.Whether you decide to clean, declutter, paint, light or cover, you can create a whole new look in a weekend without blowing the budget.Resene FiestaResene Sanguine Brown74'