b'Ecosmart Flare replaceReal Fires New Zealandwww.ecosmartre.com 09 912 2324 Stonemat in Sumba mixedStone and Water World www.stoneworld.co.nz 09 525 3142ReseneFish N ChipsResene Escapade Resene Half MasalaBlack mirror stainless steel water featureContemporary Water Sculptures www.watersculptures.co.nz Resene Red HotDedon Slimline daybed in chocolateDomo Collections www.domo.co.nz 09 921 5574 or 03 379 8818Star jasmine(Trachelospernum jasminoides)The existing design has a great use of space, a calm colour scheme and simple lines.I have given the area a more exotic feel by introducing re, water, stone and lushplanting. The Ecosmart re will add ambiance for evening entertaining and the water feature will provide a relaxing background sound. Comfortable Dedon furniture willencourage time spent relaxing in this space. Resene Half Masala has been chosen for the plastered walls as a weighty earthy neutral to simplify the area and tonein with the acid-etched coloured concrete and stonemat inlay. Low-maintenance Tina McHargevergreen palms are chosen for year-round interest, height and structure and arecomplemented with bold foliage, bright red canna owers and scented jasmine.Landscape designer Tina McHargsuggests this alternative scheme:phone 07 827 3593email tkdesign@slingshot.co.nz 89'