b'IMPRESSION OUTDOOR FIREIMP ESSION OUTDODOOROFIREMPRE FIRIMPRESSION OUTDOOR FIREpots of colourAdding colour to the great outdoors is easier than ever with new Resene Terracotta Sealer. Designed for use on terracotta pots inside and out, Resene Terracotta Sealer is suitable for use over a wide range of terracotta surfaces, including terracotta statuesOutdoorres that make and ornaments. Resene Terracotta Sealer seals the surface of the terracotta and imparts excellent waterbeading properties soa lasting impressioneven if you wish to leave the terracotta in its original terracotta colouring, the Resene Terracotta Sealer will help keep it lookingAs day turns into night, the Rinnai Impression Outdoor good for longer.It is also the ideal basecoat for overcoating withFire becomes the centre piece of open-air entertaining.Resene decorative topcoats so you can add your own decorative The new Rinnai Impression Outdoor Fire has been cleverly designed to air in colour to terracotta pots, statues and ornaments. Availablesuit your outdoor living environment. Its modular design and gas bottle from Resene ColorShops.connection makes it affordable, very easy to install, and will make your outdoor living area come to life.The Impression range of one-sided, two-sided or the freestandingtable-top units, provide options for every outdoor setting. As the unitsare modular they can be adapted tot into any permanent structure,so you will have these quality outdoorres installed and functioning in notime and their durable construction ensures they will last through many years of entertaining.Bene ts at a glance Add style to your outdoorliving area. The modular constructionoffers designexibility. Easy installation. Units run on a 9 Kg / 45 Kg LPG gas bottle or can be converted to use natural gas.Simple operation. hand-stitched luxury Quality materials ensure durability for years to come.Inspired by 1950s hand-embroidered linen and reecting Made in New Zealand the level of craftsmanship once required to make theseto withstand our unique conditions.items, the Mac duvet cover is hand-stitched with French The Impression balances style knots. Made of 100% cotton, it is designed by Imogenand technology with valueTunnicliffe and complemented with red velvet cushionsfor money.and a red quilt to add a feeling of warmth and luxury.Impress your friends with your very own Rinnai Impression Outdoor FireAvailable nationwide under the CITTA Design brand. CallCall now tond out more information on 0800 RINNAI (746 624) 09 630 6177 for your nearest stockist. or send an e-mail to info@rinnai.co.nz to request a brochure be sentto you. For more information about our range of products for your home,Resenevisit www.rinnai.co.nzSargent Pepper'