b'laundry competitionwinner goes whimsicalThe standard of enof entries to our laundry competiton was overwhelming but we managed to pick our winning entries.overwhelminIts often the neglected room of the housethe laundry. A placechippedinwithsomefree where you go purely to do chores, a place hidden round the back of BestwoodMelamineinMistbeforethe house, in the garage or in a cupboard.Grey for our winner.1st prizeWhich is why in our last issue (Summer 08) Resene and ElectroluxThesecondprizewinnerisdecided it was time to turn the spotlight on laundries and challenge youAmandaHereaka,alsoof to redesign your own. We offered the successful participants threeWellington,whosecolourful prizes including the latest washing machine and dryers from Electrolux,solutionisinspiredbytheArt as well as room-lots of paint from Resene. Deco origins of the house and the artworks of Piet Mondrian. You responded with overwhelming creativity and professionalism, Shewilluseblocksofcolour which made the judging difcult. There were large families who weresuch as Resene Soapstone and in desperate need, couples whose laundries were also the cattery, andReseneFastLane,perhapseven a poor woman who had to balance between the bumper bar ofjoined by Resene Pattens Blue,the truck and a stool in order to reach the dryer. Resene Blue Night and ReseneBut choose we did, and photographs of the renovated laundries willMoon Glow, depending on thebe published in the next issue of Habitat. surfaces and size available.Our lucky first prize winner is Alice Domett Doyle of Wellington, Third prize goes to Peter Ensor whose whimsical eco-friendly solution used black, white (Resene of Auckland, whose cupboard-Merino) and metallic silver paint (Resene Silver Aluminium). stylelaundryisnexttothe kitchenandwillgetafresh Oncecompleted,thecoatofReseneChillOutandbefore walls are to be adornedResene Half Spanish White. His 2nd prize with stencils of clothesexhaustive research of appliances hanging on a line, andandpaintfoundthatResenethe front of the tub willandElectroluxmatchedhishave Resene Blackboardfamilys needs for environmentalResenePaint to keep the kidsawareness,noisecontrolandBlackboardamusedortobear energy efciency. ReseneMerinothis weeks poem. FlaxResenekiteswillhangfrom Silver Aluminiumthe walls for pegs andtop tipgardeningitemsthat need transporting. Reseneproducesapaintspeciallyfordampareaslike CarterHoltHarveylaundries.ReseneSpaceCoteLowSheenKitchen& ProductshasalsoBathroomcombinesanti-bacterialsilverprotectionand MoulDefendermouldinhibitor,perfectforminimising unwanted nasties in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. 58'