b'Cathy and Ross immediately recognised one gem amidst the horticultural mix. AWall fountain:large old, centrally placed rhododendron tree with a twisted and curved trunk wasThe Complete Garden a keeper. They saw potential for it to form a natural division between lawn spaces,www.thecompletegarden.co.nzand provide an umbrella of colour in spring and summer.The ability to visualise a reinterpreted garden and identify existing assets has become second nature to Ross. Hes been involved in the creative design process Resene for his 25-year working life. Some things are now instinctive. Barely There Urns: Pottery World & Emporio Its that ancient, enduring look you getwww.potteryworld.co.nzin European cities and villages; a style thats easy to live with.Resene StreetwiseMy approach is to age the landscape as quickly as possible, by using quality,Outdoor furniture: timeless-looking materials. I also layer plants to achieve depth in both colourDomo Collections and texture. www.domo.co.nzHeindicateshugeurnssetunerringlyintothegardenshardlandscaping. Those, for instance, look as if theyve been under the sea for a century. Its that ancient, enduring look you get in European cities and villages; a style thatsResene easy to live with. TopspinIn fact, this particular project, undertaken in six to seven weeks during the bleakDesigner: Ross Marriott of Artworks Landscape 2008 winter, is the type Ross relishes most. He had a passionately interestedLtd, Christchurch clientone who consulted him and was willing to listen, and whose ideaswww.artworkslandscape.co.nzchanged and evolved. Cathy spent countless hours planning and thinking about what she wanted. Vance painted walls and dug in hundreds of buxus plants. Ross believes good design should be an evolutionary process, becauseResene not everything goes exactly to plan. EvolutionThe relatively small garden now feels much larger than it actually is, includingThe conifer walkwayinteresting features from every vantage point, with enough robust hard landscaping to easily accommodate numerous guests. The paving echoes the white of the roses and the charcoal of fences and mondo grasses. Nothing jars.RossandCathyhavepunctuatedthegreenerywithwhite,redandblack throughout. Three birches were chosen for their stark white trunks, lit fromResene Karmabeneath to dramatic effect. Underlying hostas were similarly selected for their Resene delicately white-edged leaves. X FactorRed accent shades will appear as the seasons change. There will be the ame-red of Boston ivy in autumn, red rhododendron owers in spring, and two dark red maples standing sentinel year-round.Other favourites of Cathys are her port-wine magnolias, her conifer walk at the side of the house, and the comfrey carpet near the entranceway. Shes even taken great delight in planting a compact vegetable garden by the washing line. turn the page for two I nd just being here therapeutic, the way children must feel, playing in aalternative style solutionssand-pit. This is my chill-out zone, she says. 87'