b'The basic layout worked for us,it just neededsome tweaking.The one area of the house that managed to escape the sledgehammerThe couple decided to keep the existing entrance and hallway, was the kitchen. However, Lorna was adamant that the turquoisewhich snakes around the courtyard. They then added a new wing benchtops and joinery had to go, so Resene Tobacco Brown wasto the eastern wall containing a bathroom, toilet and oldest son used to bring the kitchen into the 21st century. She also replacedReubens room. the homes brown aluminium windows with white joinery, whichItsalsowherecolourconsultantHeatherThorleysuggested added a sense of much-needed light. introducing a splash of colour, so the three boys bedrooms now Beyond the kitchen is the former formal dining room that now servessport bright walls painted in Resene Hathaway (yellow) and Resene as the playroom and kids television room. On the other side of theJigsaw (green).wall is what Lorna calls the adult living room, where she and MateneIn the master bedroom, the brief was to do away with the existing usually retire after the kids have gone to bed.three poky spaces that tted a bed and little else. They achieved 48'