b'going greenworld recognition forNZ Environmental Choice A global study commissioned by the British Government hasbenets of easy water wash-up, lower odour and a fraction ofrated Environmental Choice New Zealand as having one of thethe VOCs of the solventborne products they had traditionally strongest environmental assessments in the world. Environmentalbeen forced to use for wet areas, trim and joinery.Choice was cited as an example of best practice in environmentalEnvironmental Choices general manager, Robin Taylor, said the labelling internationally by Britains Department for Environment, results of the global study was like scoring an Olympic medal forFood and Rural Affairs (Defra). the environment.EnvironmentalChoiceNewZealandsgreenandblacklogo, This global achievement is of such signicance that it uplifts ourneatly combining New Zealands iconic colour black with the countrys whole environmental reputation. It puts Environmentalrecognised green for the environment, is the symbol found on Choice on the map with organisations that are legendary for productswhichhavebeenindependentlyauditedunderthetheir commitment, their standards and depth of authority, andworld-leading eco certication.whose breadth of environmental certication shows the way forward. The Ministry for the Environment, which owns the Users of Resene paint will recognise the label from Resenes paintlabel, has much to be proud of.tins and buckets. Resene was the rst paint company to get anextensive range of its products accredited to this very stringent Visit www.environmentalchoice.org.nz for more information. eco-label back in 1996.InAustraliatheGoodEnvironmental Joining the Environmental Choice programme gave Resene the ChoiceLabelindicatestheenvironmental impetus to remove virtually all odorous material from Resene performanceofaproductfromawhole- Zylone Sheen, Resene Zylone 20 and Resene Ceiling Paint, givingof-product-lifeperspectiveforconsumer goods. The label is awarded to products thatusershighqualityproductswithoutstrongsmellingsolvent meetvoluntaryenvironmentalperformance odours. Users could paint interior areas and put the area back standards which have been created and assessed in conformance into service almost immediately, rather than waiting for days forto international environmental labelling standards. The program isthe strong odours to disappear. internationally recognised and growing in demand and awareness Resene also introduced waterborne products that could be usedthroughout different industries. A selection of Resene products in place of solventborne products, such as waterborne enamelshave been approved as meeting Good Environmental Choice iResene Enamacryl and Resene Lustacryl. Customers reaped thespecicationssee the Resene website www.resene.com.au. seA success story Resene ou,AspiringThankstoyou theResenePaintWisepaintandpaintpackagingrecoveryservice collectedmorethan300,000packsfromReseneColorShopsandmorethan Resene 100,000kg from council depots in the two years to the end of 2008. Of this, moreEvolution0,000kg Resene than120,000kgofsteelwasrecycled,morethan80,000litresofsolventborne Genie120,0paintwassenttosolventrecoveryandmorethan60,000litresofwaterborneResene paint was donated to community groups, much of which was used to cover grafti. MerinoCelebrating its innovative approach to product stewardship and paint and paint packagingrecovery, Resene PaintWise was awarded a Green Ribbon Award in 2008 for innovation, the Business Environmental Leadership Award in the ARC Environmental Awards2005 and an Award for Excellence in the Environmental Packaging Awards 2005.Unwanted paint and paint packaging can be returned to most Resene ColorShops in New Zealand. See your Resene ColorShop or www.resene.co.nz/paintwise.htm.82'