b'Having spent a blissful holiday touring regional France, both Ros and Tony had fallen in love with the rustic little white stone houses they discovered in the countryside. They inspired Ros and Tony to build their own home from Hebel concrete blocks, a product which replicates the timeless look of stone.I like the way it can be cut to give a sculptured look, says Ros. Its also warmer in winter than most products because its so dense. That makes it exceptionally quiet. I certainly didnt want a glass palace.I wanted to keep it cosy.Ros and Tony sought a simple, functional home that reminded them of France with long,AboveRos de Coekjust give her a narrow, shuttered windows and tall, pitched, beamed ceilings inside. I certainly didnt wantpaintbrush and shes happy.a glass palace, asserts Ros, whose style errs towards traditional prettiness. I wanted to keepLeftA mix of cosiness and loftiness in the living room with the tall masonry it cosy, she says.chimney and beamed ceilings. Surrounded by expansive formal gardens, with the palest pink walls (Resene Bone), darkBelowThe striking chequerboard oors in the hall were created by painting timber trims (Resene Mangrove) and Marseilles roof tiles, the home conveys the essenceResene Blanc lines over timber oors of French romance. Every detail adds a French accent, which imbues the home with anished with a dilute solution of Resene Waterborne Colorwood stain.sumptuous edge. As you enter, a criss-cross pattern of paintwork (Resene Blanc) on the timber oors welcomes you inside. Beneath an archway, thick and luxurious drapes balloon softly in a drop against the oor, framing a voluminous lounge area. This is painted in a cool green Resene Celeste. Its the same hue used throughout the home, except in the main bedroom, which is painted a warm shade of Resene Calico. Onwintrynights,thereislit,creatingadeliciousambienceamonganeclecticmix of furniture. Old and new are linked through pretty oral patterns. Ros took great delight in selecting all her inexpensive fabrics from bargain fabric outlet Spotlight before the home was nished. She always buys her fabrics rst and sews them herself, then matches the paint colours to the fabrics.Ros has that happy knack of being able to spot the potential in pieces of very ordinary furniture hidden away in second-hand shops. After carting them home in their shabby original condition, she gets to work with the paintbrush. Timber and cane chests in the bedrooms, tables and chairs in the living areastheyve all been rejuvenated with paint, stencils and special effects to become objects of beauty. Ros has an eye for elegant and interesting shapes that can be highlighted through paint. And it works a treat. Inspired by an existing crockery cabinet Ros had painted with pale green trims, the farmhouse-style kitchen, has an antique look. While Ros drew up the plans, it was built by Innovative Kitchens. They brought in the doors and I stained and waxed the timber before they put the hinges on. 23'