b'Far leftResene Curtain Collection Diva: Stunning sheen effect with European-inspired woven contemporary design.LeftResene Curtain Collection Intercept: Metallic thread highlights and an embossed surface.ReseneDouble Stonehenge BelowResene Curtain Collection Axiom: Dramatic, stylish design woven into a light-reecting fabricReseneGargoyleFor many years curtains have been the quiet cousin of interior schemes,But both Wynne and her colleague, production manager Trish van blending in with the neutral beiges and creams on our walls. But thatBussel, are very excited by what they see ahead in curtaining trends. trend is over. Plain on plain is out. Its time to inject a little life into yourThe amount of pattern coming through is great, says Wynne. window dressings.It adds interest and you can express a lot more personality. Colour is coming back, as are patterned fabrics, and this time roundAlthough the trend towards patterned fabrics has been growing for theyre boldstylised orals and damasks, shot with metallic threads,a few years now, the patterns are now becoming larger and bolder, and with exciting new textures too.and textured fabrics are coming to the fore.Most colours are still fairly soft and gentle, with ashes of brilliance forFabricdesignersaroundtheworldhavebeenplayingwiththe the brave, and the patterns are simple and classic. A little conservatism is not a bad thing when it comes to your curtains, as youre unlikely tonishing of yarns and fabrics, adding patterns and designs through change them again in a hurry.different nishing processes, such as pleating, permanent pressing, crushing, overlays, double weaving and the addition of metallic yarns, Wynne Brewer, sales and design manager for furnishing companyetc, says Trish. These processes are often layered to create a unique Mollers, says we change our curtains about once every seven years.look and feel.Because of this length of time, we tend to choose conservative drapes, letting bursts of colour in the room come through in paint, duvets,On top of this, printed patterns are added, which creates even more cushions and other accessories. depth and interest. ReseneMoody Lavender35'