b'my favourite colourslifes a beachWest Coast beaches are the inspiration behindactress Robyn Malcolms decorating schemes.Actress Robyn Malcolm plays the much-loved character of CherylHave those choices changed during the years?West in TV3s Outrageous Fortune, a role for which she has wonIf so, what inuenced that?many awards. She has also become the high-prole ambassador for No not really. I like what I like.Right House, a company specialising in energy efciency systems for Is there a colour you would never use in yournew and existing homes. own home?Tell us about your work with Right House, and yourNo, I think every colour has its place.own home.What do you love or hate about the recent (but When I heard that Right House was a company offering a way to waning) trend for neutral colours, white-on-white?create more energy efcient, environmentally friendly, and economic White-on-white colours kind of bore me but I can see the value in the homes, I was keen to get behind it. Im a busy working mum andzen-ness of it. I occasionally like putting a few white tones together Right House offers people like me the opportunity to keep my kidsto create a peaceful lookas long as it doesnt look too clean!warm and dry while taking a step towards doing the right thing, likereducing energy consumption.What are your three favourite colours from the Resene The Range 2009?The Right House team of experts did a makeover on my home and Resene Bullseye, Resene Cross Country and Resene Spanish White.it has honestly made a world of difference to our everyday lives. Ourshower uses less water, the insulation keeps us warmer and reducesour energy consumptionsince my Right House makeover the powerbill has been reduced by two thirds! What is your favourite colour and why?I dont really have a favourite colour honestly! It depends on theday, my mood, the weather. I guess the ones which come to mind would have to be grassy warm green, orangey red, warmish greysand beige colours.What is your favourite decorating colouror combination of colours and why?I decorated the kitchen using a palette of colours that to me representa West Auckland beachgrassy green, stormy grey, pohutukawa redand toi toi blonde. I also have used a lot of soft blues and greens. Ilike cool colours in the house.Resene BullseyeReseneCross CountryReseneSpanish White98'