b'going greenhard or soft?Trying to choose between carpet and timber? Both ooring options have eco-friendly aspects. When it comes to ooring, most of us fall squarely into oneCarpetcovering your basescamp or the other: were either in love with our timber oors orCarpet adds a whole range of benets to your living environment. couldnt imagine life without carpet. While we aim to chooseIt reduces noise through sound absorption; provides warmth, ooringthatsuitsourlifestyle,homedcorandpersonalcomfort and insulation; is slip resistant, hardwearing and easy preferences, today, more of us are looking at the eco-friendlyto clean; and offers design versatility thanks to the extensive aspects of the materials we choose to live with.colour, pile and pattern choices available.To protect your health and minimise harm to the environment,As a natural thermal insulator and a low conductor of heat, theGovernment-sponsoredSmarterHomeswebsite(www. carpetcanmakeameasurableimpactonenergysavings. smarterhomes.org.nz)recommendslookingforooringIts been estimated that wool carpet, in particular, will reduce materialsthataredurable,donotemitvolatileorganica households energy costs in both heating and cooling by compounds(VOCs),canberecycled,andaremadefrom8% to 12%. sustainably sourced natural materials or from recycled materials.Wool carpet offers additional advantages in that its inherently So how do carpet and timber stack up as ooring options? ameretardantandhardtoignite.Aswellasbeinga renewable resource, wool is biodegradable.Among the myths associated with carpet is that it collects dust and allergens making it bad for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.But,withregularvacuuming,carpetcancreate ahealthylivingenvironment.Carpetbresalsotrapdust, pollen and pet dander, reducing their continued circulationintheairuntiltheyreremovedby vacuuming.AccordingtoWoolsofNewZealand,wool absorbscommoncontaminantssuchasformaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide, and will not re-emit them into the air, even when heated. It has been claimed that wool carpets can continually purify indoor air for up to 30 years. While carpet isnt as hard wearing as solid timber or other hard ooring options, high-quality carpets are certainly made to last. Be sure to select the right carpet for your specic requirement. For example, choose a shorter-pile, more tightly woven carpet for high-trafc areas such as entranceways and halls. Modular carpet squares are ideal for kids bedrooms and rumpus rooms. If theres a stain, you can simply pull up that square and have it cleaned or replace it altogether with minimal fuss and cost. 80'