b'Contractors were all locals sures. When the surf was up, they were off.She bought the bach back in 1997 when she had her rst teaching job in Pukekohe. It wasResenein 2001, as head of drama, that she met Ewen. Shed asked him to be the judge of a schoolGorsetalent quest. They headed overseas together for a while, Ewen was a roaring success on theReseneMorning GloryEuropean comedy circuit, and when they returned, they lived in West Auckland. Late in 2007, Resene Quarter Cathy was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had major surgery, so Ewen quit his job as aSpanish Whitecouncillor a term early and the couple decided to live at the beach full-time. ReseneAs the bach was tiny, the big revamp began in March last year. They were fortunate thatSublimeResenetheir contractors were all locals. The only problem was, they were also sures. When the surfSupernovawas up, they were off, says Cathy. Things get done in their own time at Port Waikato and nobody gets resentful, she says. The couple also built a beautiful studio for Cathy on the hillAbove leftEwen describes the wall of the behind the house.new music room as a kind of 3D chequerboard on acid.This is not your average West Coast home. Having morphed from an ordinary little bach it now radiates positive energy, combating any negativity that might dare show its face inside. AboveResene Sublime walls in the kitchen are offset by a splashback of Resene Bullseye and bright blue cabinets. Did you know?If youre planning a dark exterior paint or stain nish on your homes exterior, consider using a Resene Cool Colour. Resene Cool Colours are designed to reect more of the suns energy than a standard colour, reducing heat buildup in the coating, substrate and minimising heat transference inside. Available in a wide rangewords Vicki Holderof products and colours from Resene. pictures Mark Heaslip32'