b'big change for small changeWith a little planning you can rejuvenate your living space ina weekend for $200 or less!If youre tired of your current house but dont want to move inA good clean-out can also make you money if you sell unnecessary this uncertain market, but also cant justify spending lots of moneyitems on websites like TradeMe. Charities like the Salvation Army renovating, dont despair. At the very least a clean and declutter willalways welcome good condition used items and many of them will work wonders and once things are cleaner and emptier, it may becollect for free. easier to decide on what your next step might be. If you are a hoarder, consider lending things to family members who Clean and declutter may have a use for them, or else put a date tag on unused items. A good spring clean can do wonders. Thoroughly clean everythingIf you havent used it within six months, you probably never will. from windows to curtains, and dust in places which normally escapeRearrange and rug upmore regular cleaning.Rearrange your furniture to give your interiors a new lease on life. If your paths and driveway have become home to lichen and the like,In the living room, avoid foot trafc running directly through your apply Resene Deep Clean, following the instructions on the bottle,conversation area. A new rug can give a space a fresh look. Theyre and leave it to do its work. Resene Deep Clean will, over time, loosenalso a way of covering up unsightly stains on carpet or of saving the lichen. If youre too impatient to wait, try Resene Paint Prepwear and tear on a much-used part of the carpet. and Housewash for an instant clean of exterior surfacesthe houseRugs are also a useful way to dene spacessuch as conversation as well as your paths. Dont forget to clean the softsthey areareas in your home in larger open plan areas.generally protected from the rain and can accumulate a lot of dirt. Or, hire a waterblaster for a day to clean the driveway and paths. Ifyouhaveoff-cutsofyourcarpet,considergettingtheedges nished to use as mats for entry and exit pointsparticularly by If youve nished the outside or that seems a daunting place tosliding or bifolding doors leading to decks.These protect carpet, can start, cleaning ngermarks off your walls inside with Resene Interiorbe used for warmth and comfort on hard ooring, and wont clash Paintwork Cleaner can make a huge difference to how fresh yourwith your existing dcor.home looks. Consider hiring a carpet shampooer regularly.A pep-up with paintIf you have items that are getting in the way, detracting from theOne way to get a new look with minimum investment is to repaint look of the room or are just collecting dust, get rid of them. Dontthe room. If the ceiling and trims are in good condition, then just just put them away in a cupboard; get rid of them altogether. concentrate on the walls. 72'