b'advertising featureits not nished tillits coveredA little inspiration and a lot of hard work are what most homeowners say are the secrets to successful renovations.While you may look to your Habitat magazine, rather than yourHouse Construction Insurance provides cover for accidental damageinsurance company, for the inspiration behind your home design, itsor loss to your house while it is being built or altered. Some builders also important to ensure you have the right level of insurance covermay hold Contracts Work Insurance, however it is important to check while you are renovating your home. with your builder and conrm the level of cover they can offer you. Whether you are building a new home, or altering an existing house, AMIInsuranceoffersaspecicHouseConstructionPolicy(HCP),along with the architect, the council, the bank and, of course, theunderwritten by IAG, designed especially for customers who are incontractorsplumber, builder, plasterer, painterit is important thatthe process of building a new house or altering an existing home.you remember to contact your insurance company. AvailabletoallAMIcustomers,thispolicycoversallhomesfor Get the right level of coverresidential use. AMI offers a specic policy for these circumstancesThe scope of your renovations will determine what kind of insurance because it is a different risk, says AMIs Manager of Products, John cover you need. When the renovations are considered to be minor,McSweeney. He points out that this type of policy offers a rangeyour existing House policy may cover you, however it is important toof optional benets that are unique to this type of cover, making check with your insurance company. Minor work that may be coveredit different from your normal House insurance policy. under your existing House policy includes: During your renovations, things dont always go according to plan.relining interior walls with plasterboard If your house is accidentally damaged during renovations you mayincur additional costs such as: stripping and sanding oors removal of debris laying new carpet and vinyl redesign costs from architects and engineers renovating a bathroom or kitchen higher construction costs due to an increase in materialsrewiring and replumbing and labour replacing spoutingextra charges such as overtime or express delivery of materials inbuilding a deck order to complete the project by the original nish date laying a new driveway AseparateHouseConstructionPolicycouldprotectyoufrom these costs.Please check the terms and conditions of your policy with yourease current insurer. When talking to your insurance company about the level of cover you nt require, ensure you clarify the following points:For more extensive projects involving substantial construction, youmay be required to take out a separate construction policy. This ismaximum duration of projectusually required where there is a greater risk of causing damage tomaximum sum insuredyour existing house, such as when you are: your insurance companys acceptance criteria, e.g. depth adding a new room of excavations and height of building extending an existing roomlocation of building site, e.g. a property on a slope will have aadding another level to your house different risk to a property on a at section.56'