b'kitchenfrom cardy to kitchenThe fresh green of this kitchen was inspired by the colourof the owners cardigan! Its not often that a cardigan dictates a colour scheme, but thatsIts certainly a contrast from the kitchen of their last home: That howJacquiandGrahamNelsonendedupwiththeirResenekitchen was chocolate and burgundy with grey wallsit was very Spirulina kitchen. dark and had a totally different feel to this kitchen.Jacqui had been working with kitchen designer James Smaling toOne thing Jacqui did want to replicate from their previous home was develop a colour scheme for the kitchen, in the couples home in the kitchen layout. The galley style of kitchen really works for us Nikau Valley, north of Wellington. I fell in love with the colour of mybecause its so practical. new cardigan and told my husband I wanted to use that same toneIn fact, with a busy household of teenagersincluding identical in the kitchen, says Jacqui.twins William and Michael (17) and daughter Lizzie (18), along with He wasnt too sure, but James and I managed to nd the Resene a menagerie of petseverything had to be practical.colour that matched it as closely as possible. To complement the Hence, the double living areas that ank the open-plan kitchen space cabinets, the walls are painted Resene Acropolis (Resene Half Tea), (The kids can be in one and we can be in another!) and details the architraves are Resene Triple Tea and the tongue-and-groovelike the walk-in pantry that the couple tted out with stainless steel doors are Resene Dark Slate. benchtops and shelving found at a catering auction. words Sharon Stephensonpictures Nicola Edmonds64'