b'AboveAnother urn is the focal point of the outdoor dining area.RightWrought iron furniture adds lightness to the area.Although it possessed heaps of potential, the Stewarts current home had languished on the topmarket for an entire year. Not only did it need both external and internal paint, the houses tipgarden was nothing short of dreadful, Cathy says. She knew she would reincarnate the garden and mentally began with a blank canvas.Considerelementsthathavedual uses. For example, in this garden theCathys vision was for a bounty of green structure to provide year-round substance and beauty, walls that surround the patio areaas opposed to just a mass of owers in summer and mud in winter.have been designed to be the perfectIn their initial meetings to nut out an overall concept and plan, Ross and Cathy thoroughly height and width to serve as extraassessed both the space and the plantings. Some decisions were simple. The huge, space-seating when numbers swell and allsapping macrocarpa hedge had to go. Other plants were lovely, but just not in this garden. tableside chairs are occupied. Not one for wholesale wastage, Cathy packed many of the more valuable inherited plants onto a trailer and donated them to a grateful sons edgling garden.86'