b'All of the elements just seemed to come together. Its like a memory box. I love the social historical context of these pieces, a sort of layering of memories and familiarity. People really respond to them in that way, says Philippa. I grew up playing in the bush and in the stream at the bottom of our garden. I mean, I liked my Barbies but would dam swimming pools for them in the stream! The bush, nature and insects have always had a fascination for me. Amajorsourceofinspirationhasbeenthenaturalhistoryand entomologydepartmentsoftheAucklandWarMemorialMuseum. I think the collections are so, so beautiful They are about the natural specimen and the human input of the collectorsome from over a century ago and the social context of that time.The insect outlines are screen-printed, then each one is hand-painted. Using weatherboards as a canvas was also an extension of Philippas earlierworks,usingplywoodasherbase.Huntedoutatalocal demolition yard, the weatherboards are in various states of repair, with layers of paint peeling away to reveal the timber beneath. The organic natureoftheweatherboardpresentsitschallengeswhenscreen-printed by hand. Its the unpredictable nature of the process that I like, the fact that each print takes on its own life and is quite distinctive from the next.For those who dont like their artworks quite as rustic, Philippa also works on paper. When searching for the right colours to use, the local Resene ColorShop staff suggested the Resene Heritage chart. Theyre ideal. The Resene Bright Red* is the perfect red and Resene Merino* has that aged look. The green I use is actually a blend of Resene English Sage and Resene Highland. Philippa only recently took the plunge into full time art after leaving her job as a facilitator helping other artists get work. I found I was giving the sort of advice that I needed to take myself.The move has been successful and she is now represented by Lane Gallery in Auckland city, Art of this World in Devonport, on her ownTopPhilippas insect website www.philippabentley.co.nz and on the www.cleverbastards. series began with the monarch buttery co.nz website. Shes also working on her next buga stag beetle.painted with a Theres lots of scope with insects. Edmonds Baking Powder packet pattern.* Resene Bright Red is also known as Resene Vermillion. Resene Merino is also knownAboveThe puriri as Resene Zinc White. moth with a Watties peas design. RightThe giant weta words Sharon Neweypictures Frances Oliver with his rayguns. 79'